‘I Got A Six-Pack Eating Pizza!’

A 32-year-old woman has revealed how she shed a whopping 46 kilos while still enjoying burgers, pizza and doughnuts!
‘I Got A Six-Pack Eating Pizza!’

Canberra office worker, Natalie Dean, weighed 119 kilos and could barely squeeze into a size 20.


A true junk food addict, she’d eat greasy takeaway meals for lunch and dinner. She was even diagnosed with facet join disorder because her fat was crushing the nerves in her face, making her numb.


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Desperate to change after seeing an unflattering photo from her 30th birthday, Natalie knew she needed to diet differently this time.

Natalie Dean

‘When I’d tried before, depriving myself of something only made me crave it more,’ she told that’s life! magazine.


‘I’d ban myself from chocolate, then scoff a family-sized block a few days later.’


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So instead of cutting out her favourite treats, Natalie embraced them!


‘I’d keep apples and carrot sticks in my handbag and if the urge for a cheeseburger struck, I’d munch on those instead,’ she explained. 

Natalie Dean

‘But if I was still salivating over a burger in two days’ time, I’d treat myself! I didn’t let myself feel guilty about it.’


Beginning by walking for 30 minutes each day, Natalie eventually started regular gym sessions and the kilos started ‘melting’ off.


Natalie is now 73 kilos and wears a size eight - even boasting an impressive six pack!


‘I’m proof you can still get fit eating fat!’ she laughed.

Source: That's Life!